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The greek Real Estate organization "Akinita Polis" offers 9 Real Estate Offices that offer the best services in Attica prefecture, in Kolonaki square, Acropolis, Ampelokipi, Nea Smirni, Glyfada, Vari, Kifisia, Palaio Faliro and Porto Rafti. All of our Real Estate Associates, working with our Offices, are experienced and fully qualified to service our local as well as our international client base. "Akinita Polis" Organization is the leader in implementing the european model of real estate services in Greece.

Head broker of the Organization as well as our main office "Akinita Polis" in Kolonaki square, at the heart of Athens, is Dr Kosmas Theodorides.

Our office's goal as well as our personal one is: 

To upgrade the services in real estate transactions and to improve the services offered to our clients.

Having the best technological tools, an international brand name and top education seminars for our associates along with the personal ethics code that each and every one of us holds (integrity, sincerity, trustworthiness), we seek to offer our clients the best real real estate services on the market! 

Polis Properties | Kolonaki sq. | 19 Kanari str., 10674 Athens | Τ. 0030 210 36 26 726 | F. 0030 210 36 26 734 |

Polis Properties Acropolis

Polis Properties Acropolis is one of the founding member offices in "Akinita Polis" Real Estate Organization and has been offering its expert services to the people living in the area as well as to people wishing to move here since 2009 at our offices at Perraivou & Kokkini corner.

Our goal, as with all of "Akinita Polis" Organization, is to offer top real estate services to our clients. 

Οur Broker and our Real Estate Associates are always at your service! Give us a call!

Polis Properties Acropolis | Acropolis | 16 Perraivou str., 11743 Athens | Τ. 0030 210 92 31 004 | F. 0030 210 92 31 004 |

Akinita Polis Anagennisis

Our real estate agency "Akinita Polis Anagennisis", a member of the greek real estate Organization "Akinita Polis", is based in Vari, in southern Attiki, at 20 Ifaistou street. The brokers and associates in our office operate in Vari, Varkiza, Vouliagmeni, Voula, Glyfada and in the greater southern suburbs of Attiki. 

Our agency offers our clients, through breakthrough methods, top quality real estate services while building strong lifelong relationships with them.

Our company's goals:
• To become the model for real estate offices in our area in the property management field
• To constantly improve our relationships with our clients, our services and the mutual benefits from collaborating with our clients.

Our vision is to become the driving force in the top quality real estate services in our area while offering even more than our clients expect.

We believe in:
• Servicing our clients with integrity
• Offering top quality real estate services in an honorable, moral and trustworthy manner
• Dealing with all clients and associates with the utmost concern, respect and sincerity
• Broadening our field of expertise with breakthrough and creative solutions

Through our associates' knowledge, we are able to offer the best in:
1. Professional, modern and fast listing of our clients' properties through our special Exclusive Real Estate Agent
2. Instant cross-referencing between listings and potential buyers through internet services
3. Local and international search and listing in the real estate market
4. Free appraisal of your property
5. Real Estate consultants for investors

Akinita Polis Anagennisis | 20 Ifaistou street, Vari | Τ. 0030 210 89 70 947 | F. 0030 210 89 76 337 |

Polis Properties Axia

At the heart of Nea Smirni's commercial center, in one of the most dynamic markets in Athens, at the "Epikentron" shopping mall at 41 Omirou street, our office Polis Properties Axia, one of the founding member offices of "Akinita Polis" Organization, has been helping people find a home or a commercial property since 2010.

Our brokers and Real Estate Associates offer their long experience in the field of residential and commercial properties in the greater Nea Smirni area as well as on Syggrou avenue, in Kallithea, Moschato, Dafni and we are all at your service to help you find the best real estate property for you!

Polis Properties Axia | Nea Smirni | 41-43 Omirou str., 17120 Athens | Τ. 0030 210 93 22 570 | F. 0030 210 93 22 575 |

Polis Properties Dynamis

A dynamic entry in Kifisia's real estate market, as well as all the northern suburbs of Athens, is our Polis Properties Dynamis real estate office in 2013 in a historic building at the heart of Kifisias's commercial center, on the corner of Kassaveti and Kiriazi streets.

Our broker as well as our top qualified Real Estate Associates are at your service for any real estate query, either residential or commercial in the greater northern Attiki area.

Polis Properties Dynamis | Kifisia | 10 Kassaveti str., 14562 Kifisia | Τ. 0030 210 80 18 088 | F. 0030 210 80 18 088 |

Polis Properties Cosmos

Another one of our Organization's central offices, Polis Properties Cosmos is situated in "Cosmos" Commercial Center on Kifisias avenue at Ampelokipi since 2011. Our office has been founded to cover a great need for top professional Real Estate services in the greater Ampelokipi area and the surrounding municipalities. 

Combining the Associates' constant education, the referrals and collaborations network in "Akinita Polis" Organization, the high-end technological tools and the international brand name we are in a position to offer the best quality Real Estate services to people who live in our area.

Polis Properties Cosmos | Ampelokipi | 125-127 Kifisias ave., 11524 Athens | Τ
. 0030 210 69 96 000 | F. 0030 210 69 96 000 |

Akinita Polis Mesitiki

Our real estate office "Akinita Polis Mesitiki" is located at the heart of the Palaion Faliron district in Athens, on Agiou Alexandrou street.

We are well aware of the fact that a real estate property is probably the most expensive product on the market and that for most buyers and/or sellers this transaction is probably one of the most important in their life. Bearing that in mind, we have set a goal to answer effectively and with plenitude to any real estate need that our clients might express and to offer top quality real estate services that are constantly evolving, broadening and being enriched

Our office's long presense in the local market, our excellent knowledge of the area together with our exclusive coverage of Palaion Faliron are some of our advantages over our competitors.

We will be happy to hear from you!

Akinita Polis Mesitiki | Marinos Konstantatos & Associates | 17 Thetidos street | Palaio Faliro, Attiki | Τ. 0030 210 98 25 923 | F. 0030 210 98 84 456 |

Polis Properties Notos

Our office, Polis Properties Notos", is situated in the "Doryssa" Commercial Center on the corner of Agg. Metaxa and Lampraki streets since 2011 at the heart of Glyfada's commercial center. It is one of the central offices in "Akinita Polis" Organization and covers most of the southern suburbs of Athens apart from Glyfada.

Having the best technological tools, the best refferals and collaborations network within our Organization, an international brand name and top education seminars for our associates along with the personal ethics code that each and every one of us holds (integrity, sincerity, trustworthiness), we seek to offer our clients the best real real estate services on the market! 

Polis Properties Notos | Glyfada | 20 A. Metaxa str., 16674 Glyfada | Τ. 0030 210 89 41 089 | F. 0030 210 89 41 089 |

Akinita Polis Porto Rafti

Our real estate agency "Akinita Polis Porto Rafti" is currently operating in the real estate industry as a member of the greek real estate Organisation "Akinita Polis" and former ERA partner. Our colleagues' long professional expertise can guarantee that our buyers and sellers can expect a flawless collaboration and top results. We offer best evaluation, pricing and listing of your property as well as taking care of all the steps nessecary to complete the transaction for properties in Porto Rafti and Markopoulo areas in eastern Attiki.

Our company policy is to fulfill any of our clients' real estate needs consistently, truthfully, clearly and realistically and to offer top quality services. We are in a position to realisticaly appraise any property's real value, taking into consideration any and all special characteristics so that we can fulfill our clients' expectations throughout the transaction.

Our brokers and associates have a deep knowledge of the area as well as many years of expertise in the real estate industry. These qualities make us the most valuable collaborators in listing the special characteristics of each property so that we can fully satisfy our clients' needs.

Whether you are interested to buy, sell or lease a property or a plot of land,

please contact us so you can benefit from our top quality services!

Akinita Polis Porto Rafti | K. Galaios & N. Sachinis | 38th km on Porto Rafti avenue | Τ. 0030 22990 87 460 | F. 0030 22990 87 469 |


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