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Become Real Estate Agent

Have you had enough of the bombardment with standardised lifestyle adds that offer you the moon and stars in a shiny wrapper? Then maybe you'll want to have a serious conversation about a career in Real Estate. Since the second World War, Real Estate has been the most dynamic and profitable part of the economy. Now that Greece's five-year crisis is starting to form a bottom, could this be the opportunity of a lifetime to get into Real Estate at the lowest part of the economic cycle?

"Akinita Polis" (Polis Properties) Real Estate Organization has been created, has survived and is now thriving through this crisis due to a combination of hard work, strategic decisions, international relations and absolut faith in our human resources. If you think that you too can be part of our top creative team in the country, come talk with us so you can start training while working from day one.

  • a will to do creative work in a collaborative environment,
  • a desire for continuous learning.
Added skills that will be greatly appreciated:
  • former experience in sales,
  • foreign languages,
  • former experience in freelancing.
What to expect:
  • to collaborate with a dense network of teams with high expertise in the best spots in Attiki,
  • to interact with seasoned associates that adhere to a strict ethics code,
  • to have immediate results through the use of our vast client database
  • to have unique possibilities to grow and to enjoy top fees through our most lucrative remuneration systems in the market.
Please send us your CV now to [email protected], or contact us so you can start building your future in one of our organization's teams.