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According to a study made by "The Franchising Watch", 85 out of 100 people who start some kind of business do it so they can work as freelancers while just 15 out of 100 people do it to invest an amount of money they happen to have.

The current economic crisis has had its toll in the Real Estate business.

It has helped us though, to further improve the services we offer and to ensure the fullfilment of any real estate needs people who trust us with their properties may have or those who come to us to look for or to negotiate a property - may it be a residence or a commercial property.

Some crucial questions

Is this the right business for me?
Some questions one has to ask oneself before deciding to come into the Real Estate business: Do I know a lot of people? Can I easily interact with people I don't really know?

An independent Real Estate office or a member of an organization?
The relative advantages of an office / member of an organization are the collaborations and the refferals among the associates working with different offices inside the network. That translates into an easier and faster way to service our clients.

So, come have a talk with us!

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